Advantages of aluminum wardrobe

Being a leading aluminium profile supplier & manufacturer, there are many advantages to our aluminum wardrobe.

1. The outer frame and inner frame of the aluminum alloy wardrobe are made of titanium aluminum alloy profiles with vacuum transfer wood grain technology. The product lines are clear, natural texture, durable, fireproof, waterproof, and styles are also very fashionable.

2. Aluminum alloy doors and windows can be adjusted to eliminate the internal stress caused by bad indoor environmental factors through the high-quality corner code assembly process, ensuring longer life, scientific and reasonable structure, and also increasing the stability of the product.

3. The aluminum alloy doors and windows are connected through spot welding technology, which will not produce an irritating smell. Compared with the paint used in the production of traditional wooden wardrobes, the adhesive glue will not produce harmful gases and is more healthy and green.

4. The aluminum alloy wardrobe door frame and door leaf are made of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy materials, which have high strength, strong impact resistance, strong and durable.

5. The profile model of aluminum alloy doors and windows is simple in structure, suitable for various wall thicknesses, and is easy to install, saving worry and effort.

6. ​​When buying a wardrobe, we are also worried about a health factor, that is formaldehyde. We all know that formaldehyde has great harm to our body, especially pregnant women who are pregnant. The aluminum alloy wardrobe can achieve zero release of formaldehyde. Because it uses imported materials from abroad, it is very environmentally friendly and generally has little effect on people's health.

Post time: 2020-08-12
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