• Why more and more furntiure is made of aluminium?

      Environmental protection The biggest advantage is environmental protection. With the development of the metal industry, metal materials from the extraction of raw materials to the use of processing, and then to elimination will not waste social resources, and will not cause damage to the ecological environment. And they are…
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  • 2021 Commendation for excellent worker

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  • Aluminum profiles advantages & classification

    Advantages of aluminum profiles Compared with other commonly used metals, aluminum profiles are of low density and lightweight. The density is only 2.70g /cm3, 1/3 of that of copper or iron. Adopting hot and cold processes, it has strong corrosion resistance. The global aluminum content is very high, with abundant…
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  • Yaoyinshan Minimalist Home Furnishing Aluminium Profiles Showcase

    The complex and magnificent vision stimulates people’s eyeballs at the same time It will also tire the eyes quickly; Simplicity is always beautiful; Simple style full of fashion and modernity; It's an ever-popular home trend; It does not make the eyeballs feel tired; This is also the atmosphere needed for…
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  • China Aluminium Production

    China Aluminium Production Development China's aluminium production is a highly market-oriented industry. The sale of electrolytic aluminum and the purchase of raw materials are highly competitive, and the loan is also fully market-oriented. As early as 2002, the Chinese government carried out macro-control on the electrolytic aluminum industry, and strictly…
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