• Aluminum profiles advantages & classification

    Advantages of aluminum profiles Compared with other commonly used metals, aluminum profiles are of low density and lightweight. The density is only 2.70g /cm3, 1/3 of that of copper or iron. Adopting hot and cold processes, it has strong corrosion resistance. The global aluminum content is very high, with abundant reserves. It has good ductility and can be used to…
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  • China Aluminium Production

    China Aluminium Production Development China's aluminium production is a highly market-oriented industry. The sale of electrolytic aluminum and the purchase of raw materials are highly competitive, and the loan is also fully market-oriented. As early as 2002, the Chinese government carried out macro-control on the electrolytic aluminum industry, and strictly controlled the repeated construction of electrolytic aluminum through the three…
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  • The image shows aluminum polishing process

    Indian Aluminium

    Development of Aluminium industry in India India is an important role in the aluminium industry in global markets, due to its abundant bauxite proven reserves of 3.04 billion Metric Tonne. The bauxite is of good quality and easy to mine which makes the country one of the lowest cost manufacturers of metal in the world. India’s bauxite reserves are enough…
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  • Chinese aluminum profile industry

    We are the aluminium profile supplier & manufacturer in China, witnessed the development of the aluminum profile industry. With the sustained, rapid and healthy development of China's economy, the demand for aluminum profiles is increasing, and the equipment and technology required for production will become more and more advanced. Since 2010, China's economy as a whole has stabilized and rebounded, gradually…
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  • How did aluminum profiles develop step by step?

    Today, talk about how aluminum profiles developed step by step? 1. Aluminum profile bai began to develop in the early 20th century. 2. Aluminum profiles develop from the traditional industrial field to the transportation field in the construction field. 3. Aluminum profile products are not only simple profiles, but also other customized extruded aluminum products. 4. Aluminum profile is not…
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  • What are the uses of aluminum

    Aluminium has a wide variety of excellent properties which determines its comprehensive usage. There are five points detailed described the appliance. Aerospace aluminum It’s often used to make aircraft skins, fuselage frames, girders, rotors, propellers, mailboxes, wall panels, and landing gear pillars, as well as rocket segment rings, spacecraft wall panels, etc. Aluminum material In electronically filed aluminium material is…
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  • Five pieces of Rose gold, grey and gold aluminum profile hardware stand in the top left of image

    How to distinguish between good and bad aluminum profiles

    How to distinguish the quality of aluminum profiles, see the following points 1. Look at the degree of oxidation: When purchasing, you can scratch the surface of the profile to see if the oxide film on the surface can be wiped off. Of course, this should not be done directly on the sample window, the owner can do it at…
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  • Advantages of aluminum wardrobe

    Being a leading aluminium profile supplier & manufacturer, there are many advantages to our aluminum wardrobe. 1. The outer frame and inner frame of the aluminum alloy wardrobe are made of titanium aluminum alloy profiles with vacuum transfer wood grain technology. The product lines are clear, natural texture, durable, fireproof, waterproof, and styles are also very fashionable. 2. Aluminum alloy…
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  • Aluminum CNC process pircture

    Deep processing products will become the "sweet pastry" of aluminum processing!

    Today we will talk about the Deep processing products that will become the "sweet pastry" of aluminum processing! As an aluminium profile supplier & manufacturer, we are also speeding up to study such products. "Chasing the expansion of production scale and the increase in production has been unable to meet the changes in market demand, the market for high-performance aluminum…
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  • We have various package for the aluminum profile.

    We have various packages as an aluminium Profile Supplier & manufacturer. 1. Plaste the film(could with the logo), cover the protective pearl wool. Then bundle by blue or yellow kraft paper. 2. Plaste the film(could with the logo), cover the protective pearl wool. Then bundle by the shrink film. 3. CNC product, one pcs in one polybag. Then some pcs…
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