Chemical polishing is an advanced finishing method,

Chemical polishing is an advanced finishing method, After which the rough surface of aluminium piece tends to be smooth and shiny as a mirror, which improves the decorative effect of the aluminium products (such as reflected performance, brightness, etc.). It can also give higher value-added commercials, satisfy the demand for aluminium products with the bright surface in the furniture industry.
Yinglan aluminium profile supplier & manufacturer owns the technology of 2 kinds of colored polishing
- mechanical polishing :
Firstly remove extrusion lines under fast -speed running of flax wheels.
Secondly, wipe out any small track by cloth wheels polishing
-chemical polishing :
Firstly put profiles into oxid anodized and acid grooves. In the role of nitric acid oxidizer, the surface is forming with a dense chromated layer, which looks bright mirror.
Polishing profile color: silver, champagne, bronze, golden, grey, violet gold, etc.

Post time: 2020-05-09