China Aluminium Production

China Aluminium Production Development

China's aluminium production is a highly market-oriented industry. The sale of electrolytic aluminum and the purchase of raw materials are highly competitive, and the loan is also fully market-oriented. As early as 2002, the Chinese government carried out macro-control on the electrolytic aluminum industry, and strictly controlled the repeated construction of electrolytic aluminum through the three gates of land, environmental protection and finance.

China's rapid economic growth has generated a huge demand for aluminum, driving the rapid development of the domestic aluminum industry. A review of the development data over the past 60 years shows that for every 1 trillion yuan increase in China's economic aggregate, the output of electrolytic aluminum will increase by 520,000 tons, with a correlation coefficient of 0.988. In particular, in the past 15 years, China's primary aluminum consumption increased from 3.65 million tons in 2001 to 31.64 million tons in 2015 with an annual GDP growth rate of more than 10%. The annual growth rate was as high as 16%, 6 percentage points higher than the annual GDP growth rate.

Driven by the continuous growth of demand, China's electrolytic aluminium production continued to increase, until 2000, China's electrolytic aluminum market supply and demand from the serious shortage to basically flat. But from 1992 to 2015, China still imported 960,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum.

The competitiveness of China's electrolytic aluminium industry production mainly comes from technological progress. China's electrolytic aluminum industry has been committed to the research and development of equipment and process technology, the development and application of large and efficient preparation tank technology, constantly improve labor productivity, significantly reduce the cost of investment. At present, the capacity of 400kA and above with fully independent intellectual property rights account for more than 50%. The first 600kA large-scale pre-roasted electrolytic series in the world has achieved industrialized and stable production, with a significant reduction in unit investment cost, a constant decrease in operating financial expenses, and a significant increase in labor productivity. In 2015, the average labor productivity of China's electrolytic aluminum enterprises reached 260 tons/year, 20 times that of 2000, and some enterprises even exceeded 500 tons/year.


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Under the background of advocating energy conservation and emission reduction globally, China's electrolytic aluminum industry has been actively engaged in energy conservation and emission reduction through continuous technological innovation. Through technological progress, the energy consumption, material consumption and emission of tons of aluminum in China's electrolytic aluminum industry have been continuously reduced. In 2015, the average comprehensive ac power consumption of a ton of aluminum ingots was 13,562 KWH, down by 1,900 KWH compared with 2000, and about 1,000 KWH lower than the average level of foreign countries. Based on the output of electrolytic aluminum in 2015, it is equivalent to reducing the consumption of standard coal by more than 20 million tons and the emission of carbon dioxide by more than 55 million tons. At the same time, the carbon anode single consumption, fluoride salt single consumption and new water single consumption of electrolytic aluminum are also greatly reduced.

Dredging combined with reducing the excess capacity of electrolytic aluminum. In the face of the current stage imbalance between supply and demand caused by the slowdown of China's economic growth rate and the release of electrolytic aluminum capacity, China nonferrous metal industry association proposed the idea of "simultaneously removing and blocking". "Blocking" means that the industry will further strengthen its self-discipline and actively cooperate with relevant government departments to resolutely and strictly control new production capacity. At the same time, we will guide the orderly exit of inefficient production capacity that has long been in the red. "Thin" is to keep on deepening the existing aluminum application on the basis of expanding the existing aluminum application achievements, continue to dig, expand the aluminum application of new highlights.

Since 2012, China aluminium production in our country from the trailer aluminum, aluminum alloy enclosure, aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy cable building template board to the new energy city bus aluminum alloy body, from transportation field, the electric field in the field of construction, the height of each application promotion by inside and outside of attention, and get the aluminum enterprises actively follow up remarkable achievements.

In 2020, China's aluminium production will continue to deepen the supply-side structural reform, continuously provide effective supply, cultivate the domestic market and guide consumption. On the basis of strictly controlling the new production capacity of electrolytic aluminum, we will steadily promote the application of aluminum, shift the focus of expanding the application from industry to household use, let aluminum alloy household products enter the home, and continue to inject new vitality into aluminum consumption.


Futuristic China Aluminium Production

2016 has been an extraordinary year for China's aluminum industry production. The 13th five-year development plan of the non-ferrous metal industry involves aluminum in many aspects, which also means that the aluminum industry will face more development opportunities during the 13th five-year development plan. With many advantages, the 2017 China international aluminum industry exhibition will focus on the "future of technological innovation" as the biggest highlight, focusing on the core technologies and key problems applied by aluminum in emerging areas such as automobile lightweight and consumer electronics, and discussing the overall solution of automobile lightweight.

As an important base metal, aluminium industry has always been the barometer of the non-ferrous metal industry and even the Chinese economy. In recent years, aluminum has been increasingly favored by emerging consumer industries such as consumer electronics and new energy vehicles while maintaining its traditional advantages in construction, rail transit and packaging, and has become an indispensable quality material for production and life. Especially with the rapid and advanced development of the automobile industry, aluminum is increasingly used in the manufacture of whole automobiles and parts, plays an important role in the process of vehicle lightweight, and makes a positive contribution to the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction. The results show that 50% to 60% of the weight of aluminum alloy can be replaced by steel to achieve the same performance. Another advantage of an all-aluminum body is to effectively reduce vehicle emissions, improve combustion efficiency, and achieve energy saving and emission reduction. According to the data, if the vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, fuel efficiency can be improved by 6%-8%. For every 100kg reduction in vehicle reconditioning mass, the fuel consumption of 100km can be reduced by 0.3-0.6 liters. A 1% reduction in vehicle weight results in a 0.7% reduction in fuel consumption. It can be said that aluminum has become the main direction of the development of automotive materials, and the application of aluminum in a large area is an important symbol to measure the lightweight design and manufacturing level of automobiles. At present, as long as the car lightweight technology, bodyweight reduction is bound to be an unavoidable topic. It is reported that the automotive lightweight connection technology and the overall solution will be one of the biggest highlights of the 2020 aluminum industry show.

In 2020, with leading automobile lightweight as the highlight, the whole industrial chain of the aluminum industry will be displayed to help the aluminum industry achieve great development. "the future of technological innovation" will surely bring new opportunities and future to the aluminum industry of China!


Import Aluminium From China


Aluminium areas in China

The external dependence of bauxite mines in China is up to nearly 50%, and the resource supply capacity is under great pressure. China's bauxite reserves are about 830 million tons, accounting for only 2.96 percent of the world's reserves, ranking 9th in the world. Guinea and Australia together account for about 50 percent of global reserves of bauxite. Although China's reserves are small, its production has been growing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 15.1% (global growth rate of 4.88%) from 2007 to 2015. Affected by this, China's bauxite production in the global share is also rising. Therefore, in order to ensure the sustainable development of China's aluminum industry, understand the status quo of bauxite resources in China, carry out the study of bauxite metallogenic law and resource potential analysis in China, and search for high-quality bauxite resources has become the focus of current work.

According to the latest results of bauxite potential evaluation in China, the estimated new bauxite resources in China exceed 20 billion tons, five times the confirmed reserves of bauxite resources, indicating huge bauxite prospecting potential in China.

First. Bauxite has great potential in China

Bauxite is widely distributed in China with relatively concentrated reserves.

Second. Shanxi is still the main potential position of bauxite.

Third. Future prospecting direction

Southern laterite bauxite has great potential.

North coal and bauxite is focus in recent years, in north China landmass carboniferous one fold of coalfield discovered a large number of high-quality bauxite, according to the report of bauxite ore level Ⅲ for grade 7) (aluminum and silicon material, is in the west of Henan coal under aluminum bauxite deposits in western Henan horizon to the deep natural extension.

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Why choose us

"Chasing the expansion of production scale and the increase in production has been unable to meet the changes in market demand, the market for high-performance aluminum products more and more strong demand. "Recently, Ms. Zhang LAN, Vice President of Greater China of Reed Exhibition Group, delivered a keynote speech at the "2016 aluminum deep processing development forum" sponsored by Reed Exhibition Group and Co-sponsored by Beijing Baihui Fanglye Information Consulting Co., LTD.

On the BBS, Beijing Automobile Company Material Expert Dr. Anmy and Cimc Tonghua Special Automobile Company Deputy General Manager Mr. Zou Yongquan also said at the same time, the cost of aluminum is higher, auto enterprises procurement will produce a certain amount of waste aluminum processing components, will occupy certain resources such as land, equipment, under the premise that guarantees the quality of the product performance, rather than purchasing processed parts directly online assembly more appropriate.

Mr. Zhao yongjun, Vice President of Kunshan Qianxun Metal Products Co., LTD., said, "all the aluminum profiles we produce are used to process aluminum parts.

Mr. Wang Dengwen, General Manager of Beijing Baihui Fanglye Information Consulting Co., LTD., said that the development of China's aluminum processing products should conform to the needs of end consumers and change from aluminum to aluminum components, which is beneficial to both upstream and downstream enterprises.


At present, China aluminum production in any capacity, output, or has the real power consumption, exports, expanded aluminum consumption become "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", the important measures for aluminum processing industry how to expand the aluminum consumption, we really should respect the user's opinion or the suggestion, make the aluminum deep processing ", "new homework, make aluminum more close to the market consumption of users.


The new project of China Aluminium Production in Ecuador!

Ecuador has rich mineral resources of copper and aluminium. It is the second-largest plateau country in the world. Ecuador is a small country in South America, facing the Pacific Ocean. There are many rivers and big gaps in its territory, which are suitable for the construction of hydropower stations. The copper resources have been developed and the bauxite has not been mined, but the aluminum industry has been identified as one of the key industries to develop in the future.

To develop aluminium in Ecuador!

To develop aluminium in Ecuador!

To develop aluminium in Ecuador!

Now, it is a good time for Chinese aluminum enterprises to enter Ecuador.

The relationship between China and Ecuador is very good at present. Ecuador regards China as a good strategic partner and a good opportunity for China to invest and build enterprises in Ecuador. Ecuador enjoys political and social stability, sustained and rapid economic development and constant improvement of its infrastructure.



The aluminum production will continue to pursue these initiatives through a variety of bilateral and multilateral channels.

Domestic China aluminum producers are among the best in the world and can compete in a marketplace that is free and fair. There is still a strong global demand for the metal and all aluminum manufacturers and consumers should be able to benefit from Chinese aluminium. We remain committed as an aluminium profile supplier to work worldwide.

Post time: 2020-12-04
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