Deep processing products will become the "sweet pastry" of aluminum processing!

Today we will talk about the Deep processing products that will become the "sweet pastry" of aluminum processing! As an aluminium profile supplier & manufacturer, we are also speeding up to study such products.

"Chasing the expansion of production scale and the increase in production has been unable to meet the changes in market demand, the market for high-performance aluminum products more and more strong demand. "Recently, Ms. Zhang LAN, Vice President of Greater China of Reed Exhibition Group, delivered a keynote speech at the "2016 aluminum deep processing development forum" sponsored by Reed Exhibition Group and Co-sponsored by Beijing Baihui Fanglye Information Consulting Co., LTD.

On the BBS, Beijing Automobile Company Material Expert Dr. Anmy and Cimc Tonghua Special Automobile Company Deputy General Manager Mr. Zou Yongquan also said at the same time, the cost of aluminum is higher, auto enterprises procurement will produce a certain amount of waste aluminum processing components, will occupy certain resources such as land, equipment, under the premise that guarantees the quality of the product performance, rather than purchasing processed parts directly online assembly more appropriate.

Mr. Zhao yongjun, Vice President of Kunshan Qianxun Metal Products Co., LTD., said, "all the aluminum profiles we produce are used to process aluminum parts.

Mr. Wang Dengwen, General Manager of Beijing Baihui Fanglye Information Consulting Co., LTD., said that the development of China's aluminum processing products should conform to the needs of end consumers and change from aluminum to aluminum components, which is beneficial to both upstream and downstream enterprises.

At present, China aluminum in any capacity, output, or has the real power consumption, exports, expanded aluminum consumption become "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", the important measures for aluminum processing industry how to expand the aluminum consumption, we really should respect the user's opinion or the suggestion, make the aluminum deep processing ", "new homework, make aluminum closer to the market consumption of users.

Post time: 2020-06-02
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