How to distinguish between good and bad aluminum profiles

How to distinguish the quality of aluminum profiles, see the following points

1. Look at the degree of oxidation: When purchasing, you can scratch the surface of the profile to see if the oxide film on the surface can be wiped off. Of course, this should not be done directly on the sample window, the owner can do it at the material vendor displayed by the business.

2. Look at the chromaticity: the same aluminum alloy profile should have the same color. If the color difference is obvious, it is not suitable for purchase. Generally, the section color of the normal aluminum alloy profile is silvery-white and the texture is uniform. If the color is dark, it can be concluded that it is made of recycled aluminum or scrap aluminum.

3. Look at the flatness: check the surface of the aluminum alloy profile, there should be no depression or bulging. The aluminum profile processed by the regular Aluminium Profile Supplier & Manufacturer has a smooth and bright surface. If it is a small workshop, due to the machine or raw materials, the surface of the profile will appear slightly concave and convex. The balcony window synthesized by such aluminum profile is easily oxidized and deformed in the later stage.

4. Look at the strength: When purchasing, you can bend the profile moderately with your hands. If you bend the profile without any effort, then it can be determined that the strength of the aluminum profile is not up to standard. In addition, the strength of the profile is not as hard as possible. Aluminum has a certain toughness. For non-hard materials, this feature can be used to forge into different shapes, so owners need to look for the brand and carefully observe when purchasing.

5. Look at the thickness: commonly used 70 and 90 series aluminum window profiles, the wall thickness should be 1.2-2.0 mm. The national standard for the wall thickness of aluminum profile for balcony windows is 1.2mm, and the wall thickness of Lumon Chuang's balcony window profile is 1.4-1.6. The thickest part of the upper and lower beams of frameless windows is 3-4mm, far exceeding the national standard.

6. Glossiness: Avoid buying profiles with obvious defects such as open bubbles and slag on the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows, as well as cracks, burrs, and peeling. If there are the above phenomena, it can be concluded that secondary processing and forming of recycled aluminum or scrap aluminum. Such materials are prone to cracking and oxidation due to uneven texture and messy alloy ratio.
Five pieces of Rose gold, grey and gold aluminum profile hardware stand in the top left of image

Four pieces of gold, grey and black aluminum mental panels put in order

Post time: 2020-08-17
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